Meet the Doula!

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“The feeling we should have towards the newborn baby is not
the compassion that we have for the sick or weak, but reverence
before the mystery of creation, the secret of an infinite taking
bounded form…” -Maria Montessori
As a childcare professional, specializing in infant and toddler care, I realized that families would benefit profoundly if I could offer them support throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and throughout the newborn stage. I sat on this desire for about eight years, content with just pursuing a postpartum doula certification. It wasn’t until I was pregnant, and bore my first child in March 2016 that I was absolutely sure I wanted to be a birth doula as well. It was the catalyst to pursue both that got me where I am today. I want to encourage and support families through the many facets of childbearing – pregnancy through preschool.
I am fascinated by the human person, how we are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made,” as well as our build-in connectivity to God and to each other. Knit together by the very hands of God within the womb – within the safety and warmth of our mother’s center, we are made in the image and likeness of God. A baby, emerging from her mother’s very core, is fully human and a glorious reminder of her Maker. Within this process, a mother is made. Even if it’s for the third time.. She is made mother for each of her children, so that the love and care for each child is whole and unique. Within this process, a mother stretches, re-organizes, connects deeply, and fortifies – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Holding hands with mothers’ through this time, to help her calibrate to everything pregnancy, birth and postpartum, is an honor. I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity serve the whole family throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.
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I am wife to my husband of four years, and mother to our adorable little girl. We try to live a prayerful, joyful, Christ-centered life together. Family life can be a struggle for sure, but by God’s grace we are made better day by day. 
I live in the city of Nashua, NH, and love it!. We currently live walking distance to downtown, great parks, and one of the cities two hospitals! We love it here, enjoying the playgrounds with delightful new and growing families.
My family and I volunteer at Anne-Marie House, Family Promise of Greater Nashua which houses families going through serious financial crisis and helps them to rebuild and reclaim self-sufficiency. My husband and I found ourselves in need of a roof over our heads in our third trimester of pregnancy. We felt like Mary and Joseph knocking on all the doors, afraid we’d be subjected to living in a car dead winter, and having no home for our baby! They gave us two bedrooms to call our own for a year and a lot of support to get where we are today. This is our way of giving back, but also an outlet for doing something we’ve always wanted to do.. help families, and the poor.
I love to be and play outside, as well as experience the arts and culture downtown.. to dance, take in live music, paint, enjoy other cultures, different foods, travel, read etc.  We are members of the YMCA which is an amazing resource to families as well! It’s awesome to be able to trust my daughter to the care of the teachers at Kids Stop and have some time to take care of myself through yoga, zumba, swimming etc! I enjoy building relationships. I run a neighborhood playgroup, and am on the board for a larger group of mom’s in towns across southern NH. I have a passion for learning through play, and love sharing that with the families in my neighborhood. I also enjoy being an independent consultant with Usborne Books & More. 
Last but definitely first, I love God, and try to stay involved in church and any event where I can come into His presence. Prayer is the centerpiece of my life and connects me to the Source of all that is good, true and holy. I cherish quiet time to just sit with God for a while, to feast my eyes on His glory, breath in His grace, and listen to His heart. Family life is sacred and much of it is rooted in deep moments of grace. As a doula I will keep every family I work with surrounded by prayer and love so that they can deeply savor all of the wonderful grace-filled moments they can, and grow ever closer to God with each step.
Each doula brings their own personality and resources to the table. A consultation is the best way to decide if a particular doula is right for you. I bring an open heart to the table that is warm, non-judgemental, fun-loving, attentive, joyful, and happy to serve. I intend to bring you knowledge and wisdom for the journey, while respecting your birth and postpartum wishes, whatever they may be.. I am dedicated to helping you write your own birth story.
Being a Christian, prayer is an essential factor in my daily life. If you are someone who values prayer and your relationship to God, I would be delighted to help you incorporate prayer and worship throughout your pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum months. I love to start meetings with prayer and praise, use scripture based birth affirmations, play worship music, light prayer candles (LED for hospital use), and the like. Visualize your pregnancy and journey through birth and postpartum as a sacrament, holy and beautiful, a conduit of His presence in your life and to the world.