The Gideon Mama

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Priscilla Shirer has a new Bible study out on Gideon. Although I don’t have the workbook, I have been listening to her corresponding talks through Lifeway Women’s online study group. Let me just say, this Bible study has hit home for me in so many ways and it has been so inspiring and encouraging. One of the lightbulbs that went off in my head -as I read Judges 6-8 and listened to the teachings- was how it lined up so well with what I hope to do as doula and so well with what we go through as mothers. Today I want to talk about how it reminded me of motherhood.

Ok, so you’re like… please doula… is at all you think about? How could Gideon’s story correlate to anything pregnancy to preschool? It’s about a guy who is called into battle. Battle is a far cry from anything motherly.. or is it? 

When you found out you were pregnant, that you were going to cocreate, bring forth, and hopefully raise a whole new person… What were your thoughts? Did you think … that’s cool, I made a human? Did you think… LET’S DO THIS! Or were you a bit like me and thought… How could something SO COSMIC be cocreated by me? No matter how much I prepared for the day when I would see two pink lines, I still thought this matter of bringing forth new life, birthing a tiny yet whole human, and raising this person in Love and Truth was a little, no A LOT, beyond me. Like Gideon, I told God… really?!? You think I’m/we’re ready for this? We literally just got married. We barely have our life together. What is this? And God said, “The Lord is with you, you mighty warrior.” “I will be with you.” (See Judges 6)

Then, because we never believe the test kit, like Gideon… we test again… and again… and again… thinking the next time, those double pink lines might not be there. Getting more excited at every confirmation. Wait a minute… Think about it ladies. What would happen if, on our third – or seventh – test, we got a negative? Wouldn’t we be devastated, after getting filled with so much hope? I hope, like me, you would you go to the doctors anyway to be sure. But the point is, how many times has God spoken beautiful things over us and we just cannot bring ourselves to believe? Many times, it’s not until we hear our baby’s heartbeat and see the ultrasound before we allow ourselves to get excited over this new life. Some of us, especially those who have had miscarriage in the past, will wait to feel the baby moving, or reeeeally close to the third trimester to really let it sink in. Hear the GOOD NEWS. God ALREADY SPOKE new life from conception. Believe in God’s gift to you, Believe in this new person, your precious baby. Whether they are in utero for 5 days, or 10 months & however long they have on Earth, you ARE their Mama. You will be loving them and giving them all you have to give; God chose you to be theirs for a reason. Let that reality sink in… and give you JOY. (SEE Judges 6-7)

Goodness… God is gracious, He is merciful, He is kind… and as powerful as He is, He is PATIENT. He has started a good work in you, and HE WILL bring it to completion. At this point, God humors Gideon and meets all Gideon’s tests with confirmation, after confirmation. He will do that for you too, because you are His precious baby girl, forever and always.

Let all this sink in for a few minutes before getting into the next paragraph where I pull out how Gideon’s army is dwindled down to a measely 300 before God deems him prepared to fight. Where Gideon and his army are given instructions to go into battle with these “weapons”… wait for it…  A trumpet (essentially), and a torch covered by a jar. If I counted how many times I’ve said, “really God?”, and cashed in, I’d be a bazillionaire. His ways are NOT our ways. (laugh because you know it’s true) But Gideon LISTENS and FOLLOWS God’s directions.

For the purpose of knowing you didn’t do all this grand work of creating a tiny human on your own, He gave you a partner. For the purpose of knowing you and your partner didn’t do it all on your own, He brings you both to a point of SURRENDER. Maybe it’s the point where you realize you can’t do this hiding under a tree, by yourself. Maybe it’s the point where, even though you’re by yourself, you realize you have to tap into the power of the entire Universe to get this child out. Maybe, like me, you’re in the hospital with your legs held up by nurses on either side, your hubby pacing, and you’re hollering “Holy Lord, Holy Lord, Holy Lord!” For real… that’s honest to goodness what I did. I don’t even know how or why. All I know is at that moment I KNEW I needed The SOURCE of all being to give me the power to deal with the nurses & OB gracefully, and to build up and ride out the tsunami waves of delivering my warrior princess who came with power, and a fierceness in her eyes, let me tell you. The Glory of the Lord was seen in her eyes, and like darts into my very soul, His will for her freedom as His daughter… was felt.

Now I rely on God daily as I raise this precious wild one to be the woman of God she was created by HIM (with my participation) to be. I do ask with the intention of listening and following His direction like Gideon. Yet, I have to admit, I have a tendency to think “God, you couldn’t have told me to do this, like that, you are smarter than that, and that makes no sense.” LOL But… His ways are NOT my ways. My mind is so minute compared to the Mind of the All Knowing One. But really, trumpets and torches with jars covering their light? I just don’t get it. Alas, It is in our weakness, that we are made strong in Him. It’s in our weakness, that the Glory of the Lord is seen. Where do you feel weak in your Pregnancy? In Childbirth? In Mothering? Let God meet you there and watch for His Glory to settle in the gaps.

So here Gideon is, after winning the battle with an unbelievable ratio of Israelites to Midianites, and his people want to give him the crown of leadership they call, Judge… essentially this is akin to kingship, and it would be for Gideon to rule over the Israelites. Gideon refuses it, giving the title of Judge and Kingship back to God. God did not give him the title of Judge or Ruler, but of a mighty warrior.

In God’s wonderful plan of Love, we get to cocreate with The Creator of the Universe and are given the crown, and vocation, of motherhood. The relationship we are called to as daughters of God, is an honor beyond imagining. We get to share in the Glory of God in a tremendous way but let us not forget to whom the Glory belongs. When all is said and done, all good gifts come from above. As a gift to us and this world from Our Father, our children are His first, ours second. We are mighty warriors called to embrace our children in all their ages, stages, personalities and dreams, to fight for them and give them wings, to build them up and lead them through their own battles, and to point them towards their Father in heaven.

I hope this has blessed you, as it has blessed me, and I hope you will take it to prayer tonight. May the God of all the universe, Our Father who Loves you like crazy, send His Spirit to give you the grace to accept the gift you have been given, strengthen you and empower you to bring this beautiful work to completion with Him. In Jesus Holy Name, we pray. Amen. ❤

With love, Jessica-Lynne


My business name, Angel’s Landing Maternity Aid (ALMA), comes from a desire to surround each family, birthing mama, and precious new life with angels who minister with the balm of heaven. As well as angelic people and organizations in the community, who are great resources for families, offering different insight and practical help. Through prayer I ask the angels to intercede for you and minister to you. By building relationships with the greater community, I hope to connect you to assistance for your every need. I hope to wrap your family in God’s tender care, pregnancy-preschool.

Having ascended my own mountains of motherhood, I hope to act as a trail guide to help you reach the summits of your own. Childbirth takes you way beyond the alpine zone, but having the right team of backpackers at your side, will enable you to enjoy the journey. The postpartum period may feel like the descent from that grand peek where you felt as if you reached the very heavens to bring forth your child. Let the descent be peaceful and joyous, restful, and celebratory. You may have obstacles to tackle on the way down, and the valley might seem so bland in comparison. Having someone who understands the hills and valleys of motherhood can offer insight into all the highs and lows of childbearing, and help you acclimate to parenthood with each new baby. I am passionate about family life, especially the years that encompass childbirth, and would be honored to backpack that journey with you.

What is a Birth Doula and Why would I want one on my birth team?

A birth doula is essentially, “the ultimate birth companion” who provides proven, practical, non-judgemental, emotional and physical support.  We are there during pregnancy to guide expectant families with evidence based education to help prepare for childbirth, as well as comfort and encouragement during labor and delivery. We also act as advocates to help each birthing woman understand her rights and options for giving birth, her way. We provide a continuous presence of care, comfort and advocacy throughout labor and childbirth, and stay for a couple hours post-birth to help you all get acquainted.

Birth doulas offer different strategies for comfort and relaxation during birth that can significantly enhance your overall birth experience. Some of these strategies include: massage techniques, helping you move into different positions that support natural birth, warm/cold touch, imagery and focus aids, breathing, hydration & bathroom breaks, creating a pleasant birthing environment, offering prayer or guided meditation, and more. In many cases, a doula’s presence and encouraging attitude helps alleviate stress and keeps birthing women focused through and beyond the pain to the birth of her sweet baby.

The list of things birth doulas can do is ever expanding, and really tailored to each woman, family, and circumstance. What we do for birth partners is important to note as well. Birth partners are given encouragement, reminders and tips, breaks, and space to work with their wife/loved one throughout. Most importantly, we are there for the birthing woman through it all, with new ideas to keep her climbing that mountain with joy knowing the view from the top will be nothing short of a miracle.

The evidence for having a birth doula is in. Studies have shown that births attended by a doula or birth assistant allow for the following positive outcomes.

31% decrease in the use of Pitocin
28% decrease in the risk of Cesarean
12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth
9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief
14% decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery
34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience


In a nutshell, having a doula on your birth team is a powerful way to ensure the best possible outcomes for labor, delivery, and the continued health of mama and baby. We are familiar with the course, acclimated to the environment, equipped and well versed in techniques to make the journey through childbirth even more lovely. Hire a doula, get a dedicated assistant, trail guide,, and breath of fresh air!