Ministering to families from pregnancy to preschool through:
  • Birth & Postpartum Doula Services
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support
  • Newborn and Infant Care
  • Child care and Education, (including sleep!) Consultations
  • Community resource connection for women, children and families!



Having ascended my own mountains of motherhood, I hope to act as a trail guide to help you reach the summits of your own. Childbirth takes you way beyond the alpine zone, and having the right team of backpackers at your side, will enable you to enjoy the journey. The postpartum period may feel like the long descent from that grand peak where you felt as if you reached the very heavens to bring forth your child. Let the descent be peaceful and joyous, restful, and celebratory. You may have obstacles to tackle on the way down, and the valley might seem so bland in comparison. Having someone who understands the hills and valleys of motherhood, as well as evidence based care for mama, child and family, can offer insight into all the highs and lows of childbearing, and help you acclimate to parenthood with each new baby. I am passionate about family life, especially the years that encompass childbirth, and would be honored to backpack that journey with you.
As a professional, I stay educated through self-study, certification programs, and workshops, in efforts to bring you savvy evidence based care and information. In this case, the old adage “knowledge is power” is absolutely true. You want to be informed so that you can make those medical and practical decisions that align with your birth and parenting wishes. I am here to help you dive into all of that information in a very personalized way so that you will be well prepared to make those decisions as they arise. I will also be there throughout, to help you remember and to encourage clear and peaceful communication.  Be empowered.
The physical and mental support a doula can provide is wonderful. Socially and emotionally, a doula has been proven to provide the best mix of familiarity and professionalism to encourage satisfaction in childbirth and postpartum. Being that person is an absolute honor that I take to heart. It brings me such joy to be there for women in this way, and while I serve cheerfully, I also “hold space” with a joyful, loving, and peaceful presence as well.
My business name, Angel’s Landing Maternity Aid (ALMA), comes from a desire to surround each family, birthing mama, and precious new life with angels who minister with the balm of heaven. As well as people and organizations in the community, who are great resources for families, offering different insight and practical help. Through prayer I ask the angels to intercede for you and minister to you. By building relationships with the greater community, I hope to connect you to more assistance as needed.  I hope to wrap your family in God’s tender care, pregnancy-preschool.
Providing a sounding board for you regarding childbirth and family life is a thrill, helping families thrive is a dream!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, and to set up a FREE CONSULTATION!


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    “What can I say about this lovely woman, there are so many words, so here are a few:
    -Caring -Friendly -Knowledgeable -AMAZING

    Jessica-Lynne is not only all of these things, but she helped me so much, keeping me sane and helping me through my entire twin pregnancy and postpartum. 

    Even though these were baby number 4 and 5 for me, she helped me figure out a long lasting breastfeeding relationship with my twins, which I’m happy to report is almost at 7 months. 

    You WANT to hire this beautiful soul, I promise you, she will just enrich your life the absolute best way possible.”

    – Sarah (Birth Doula, Photographer, & Mom of 5) 

    pregnant woman wearing beige long sleeve shirt standing near brown tree at daytime

    Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

    “Absolutely amazing, 100% recommend. Jessica is an angel, and the sweetest person you will ever meet. ♥️”

    – Leah (LNA & Mom to 5)



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